How to Take Care of Diabetes Using Technology

In the Era of technology, now healthcare is become more easy and flexible. Living in the country where health care is a growing phenomena and India ranks 2nd in the world in the list of diabetic patients.  And according to the report of 2013 around 383 million people are suffering with diabetes. With all these conditions which are prevailing in the world, the rise of need to control and cure this disease is natural. But how many of us really have time to frequently visit the doctors? Do we? And the worst part is we even do not have time to maintain our daily routine in such a way that we manage time for natural remedies and exercising which will enable us to control this lifelong worsening disease. So what do we do?  How do we manage it? Cause this disease is something that we have to find a way to manage it. Otherwise there will be some drastic effects on our body parts as mentioned. And even if we get time to have a frequent visit to the doctors the medications are so expensive according to a report of the year 2012 around 167billion dollars are earned in selling these diabetes medications. Wow! And the cost will just keep growing in the near future.


Ever gave a thought of how could one control their diabetes using this technology? Now to maintain your health is become a handy.

All you need to know is some good and authenticated technology which will guide and help you to control your diabetes easily. And this article is a complete guide about how a diabetic patient can control their diabetes without any difficulty.

  1. There are n number of websites that can help you to control your diabetes, these websites have a detailed information about the diabetes and methods to control it.

Cities for life– it is a diabetes program in which a person can manage his/her program. This program is developed by the United States and conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundations.   There is also a new website developed by the researcher of the University of Alambama  named as “”  this enables the diabetic patients to locate the farmers market and exercises and even some health maintenance programs.

The most important thing is to follow the diet and routine given to you by the doctor. If you do not follow it every day then it makes no sense that you spend a bomb on your medications which you are not even taking regularly.

  1. If you go on the Google Play store you will find at least 1000 applications which you can download on your smart phone or even I phone and get access to your own healthcare.

There are some crazy applications which enable to consult your doctor from your own comfort zone. You do not even need to go out of your work place our house. All you need to do is download the applications. Isn’t it incredible? And some of them are completely free with no charge fees.

There are applications available on the Google Play store which will guide you about how can you control your diabetes and will even inform you about your blood sugar level and insulin levels.

A diabetic patient can even get their own customized set of exercises to lose their body weight. These applications are advanced and may give you accurate results. Now this is the ultimate use of the smart phones and technology. Isn’t it?

The application technology is the most flexible and the cheapest mode to have a good control on your diabetes.

  1. Google is even coming up with ‘contact lens  based glucose monitor’ . To overcome the problem of diabetes where people miss on measuring their blood sugar levels and glucose levels in the body, Google is coming up with eye lens that will detect the glucose level from the eyes of the person. These lens have mini glucose sensor, between the two layers of these eye lens.

These lens will even having  warning system that will inform the user of these lens that the level of glucose in their body has crossed the level. They will have some LED lights that will indicate this.

Most likely a person should focus on prevention then cure. So in case you think that you even have a little possibility of having diabetes because of any reason or even genetics, then start focusing on the remedies beforehand just as a precautionary measure.

  1. Other then Google there are even some other Tech companies who will soon be coming up with new ventures to control this lifestyle problem of diabetes.  Diabetes is mostly because of excessive intake of junk food, no exercise and additional intake of sugar. And to resolve these problems soon there will be some better technology launched by the Tech companies.
  2. There are even handy machines like ‘ Acquachek’ for detecting the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. So now you do not need to go to any clinic or to a doctor for checking your diabetes level.
  3. One can do it even at their comfort zone of their own house. Acquacheck is so handy that the patient can check his/her diabetes themselves and without any help of others.  Acquacheck is the simplest technology and now even famous to detect your diabetes. One can even buy this from online e-commerce portals and the price of the acquacheck varies in different range.
  4. This is all about how technology can favour you in resolving your health related problems and will help the person to control his diabetes.

Technology now is s flexible and everyone should make the maximum use of it, to improve their health and the best advantage is that it is a cheap mode to improve your health conditions from your own comfort zones. I hope the article was informative and helped you enough to know about some free bee technology to control your diabetes.

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