The Top Causes and Effects of Diabetes on Health

Every second known person of your family is facing this disease of diabetes. The increment in the number of diabetic patients has grown tremendously. India has nearly 62 million diabetic patients and ranks 2nd in the world in terms of having diabetic patients whereas China ranks first with 92.3 million people. Soon by the year of 2030 India will cross a 100 million people who will be suffering with diabetes!

The statics of the Diabetes growing in the country are although positive but they have a negative impact on our health. We are missing on the root cause of the disease. As you have heard ‘ Prevention is better then cure’ but for preventing our selves we need to be well known and aware about what are the causes of diabetes! What leads to diabetes?  Is it just the excessive intake of sweets? Well I doubt! Let us know the undiscovered and clear all our myths regarding what causes diabetes.

This article will be you perfect mate who can help you to prevent diabetes.


Following are the causes

  1. Obesity and over weight  one of the most common and known cause is obesity, people who are overweight have high probability to fall prey to diabetes. As their body’s metabolic system is comparatively weak. So a person should always focus on maintaining their weight.
  1. Excessive intake of Junk food-  In the rush of life where everyone is busy running with their day and have no time to cook and eat healthy food they opt for junk food and this is where they make a big mistake a person should always focus on how can he avoid to eat junk food as this may not only lead to obesity but may open your gates to diabetes too! As this junk food may transfer saturated and Trans fatty acids to your body.
  1. Lack of physical activities and exercises- stay raw, stay healthy! Exercising is the best way to stay away from any disease or sickness. A person who is physically fit can never fall sick. Similarly a person who is not into any physical activity may have high level of anxiety comparatively which may lead to diabetes.
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  3. Excessive stress– stress is a very common phenomenon now, people are so stressed to match with the growing trends, demand and inflation that they have forgotten that the real key to live a happy life is not success but to be happy! A stressful person may have higher changes to have diabetes. As higher the level of stress higher the body glucose will raise, if your body can not make up through the insulin. So a stressed person has more chances to fall sick.
  4. Genetics – one of the most common reason that people face diabetes is genetics. If one of the close relative of your family has diabetes then possibilities are there that you may have it too! As per as 2013 there are around 36 genes that are diabetes prone. There are rare number of cases where only a single gene has diabetes.
  5. Medical conditions – if you are confused about what kind of medical conditions can contribute to diabetes, then here are they some unknown conditions like hyperthyroidism,

Acromegaly , prehyocromocytoma and if a women has gone through gestational diabetes then she might even get diabetes 2.

So here are the causes of the diabetes, I hope now you can prevent yourself with the lifelong disease.

Now moving on towards the effects of diabetes so following are they-

  • Eye complications – a person may complication in the eyes and there are possibilities that they may face glaucoma and even  cataracts as well as some other problems.
  • Foot complications – one of the most common complication a person may experience is foot complication like  ulcer or even gangrene and this will lead to cutting down the persons foot.
  • Skin complications –  this is not mostly known to the people but  diabetic patients are comparatively more at risk to skin infections and skin disorders and even a slightest cut or a puss may led to any big skin problem.
  • Heart problems – diabetes patients are at a very high risk to face heart stroke and even heart problems such as ischemic heart disease that includes the blood supply to the heart muscle is constantly falling down.
  • Mental health – when the level of diabetes is higher, it raises the probability of suffering from depression and stress as well as anxiety.
  • Hearing loss –  the people who are suffering from diabetes tend to loose their hearing capabilities and may even have hearing problems.
  • Gum disease – Gum disease like pain in the gum are frequently faced by the diabetic patients.
  • Ketoacidosis – a combination of ketosis and acidosis; accumulation of ketone bodies and acidity in the blood.
  • Neuropathy – diabetic neuropathy, a nerve damage that leads to various types of different problems.
  • HHNS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome) –  the level of the blood glucose are high and there is a complete absence of sketones in the blood or urine and this is a very risky condition.
  • Nephropathy –  An uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes may lead to kidney disease.

So these were the drastic effects or basically the outcome of diabetes which a diabetic person may face. Everyone should focus on how they not let them get affected by the diabetes and focus on how they can prevent it.

Diabetes is a long lasting disease which will only worsen with the age and may lead to several other disease, it tends to become the root cause of various other disease.

So this is all about diabetes causes and the effects of diabetes.

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